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We would like to invite you to an evening discussion on the impact of disruptive technologies, including a personal book signing of ‘TRANSITION POINT: From Steam to Singularity’ by Sean A. Culey

Sean giving the key note
Sean A. Culey

WHEN: 10.4.2019 at 6 pm CET

WHERE: Vysoká škola ekonomická, Náměstí W. Churchilla 4

Auditorium RB 101

Line Up:

Tomáš Míček, Managing Director Czech Republic P3 Logistic Parks

Diana Rádl Rogerová, Managing Partner Deloitte

Sean A. Culey, Author, keynote speaker and business transformation expert

Sean A. Culey is in Prague to promote the launch of his book ‘Transition Point’; the result of five years of research into technological change and the societal and economic factors

that enable or suppress it. During this session, Sean will present highlights from the book, detailing how we got to where we are, and where we might end up, explaining the impact this wave of change will have on our businesses, our economies and most importantly, on our society. At the end, he will be happy to answer questions and sign copies of his book.

For registration visit the bottom of our Homepage

Sean’s book, Transition Point, is available exclusively at Ekopress

VŠE v Praze, nám. W. Churchilla 4

Stará budova


For order please visit

HARDBACK http://www.ekopress.cz/titdetail.php?tid=31006

PAPERBACK http://www.ekopress.cz/titdetail.php?tid=31005

You may apply for exclusive discount of 10% in all e-shop orders by entering the code “CRBZ77.CZ into the field “Poznámka.” The prices after discount in case of hardback: 777,- Kč (instead of 863,- Kč); paperback for 629,- Kč (instead of 699,- Kč).

You can either pickup your book personally in the book store, or it may be delivered to you by mail. If you choose mail, make sure to place your order latest on March 29th in order to receive it timely for the event.


Autographing Program

17:30 Preferential entry for guests with the book

17:45 Entry for all guests

18:00 – 18:02 Welcome speech by Zbyněk Bureš

18:03 – 18:20 Tomáš Míček, Managing Director Czech Republic P3 Logistic Parks

18:21 – 18:35 Diana Rádl Rogerová, Managing Partner Deloitte

18:36 – 19:10 Sean A. Culey, Author and Business Transformation Expert

19:11 – 19:30 Panel discussion – all speakers

19:31 – 20:30 Autographing & refreshment (glass of wine & canapé)

For registration visit the bottom of our Homepage

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